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Making our trade partners' tyre businesses future-proof, increasing their profitability and acquiring new customer groups - those are the objectives of Delticom B2B Services.
As Europe's biggest online tyre and car accessory dealer, we offer the full toolkit of services and service modules for car businesses and tyre dealers. Modern sales-oriented concepts such as the mobile tyre service or our wheel storage brokering platform Delti Wheel Storage are at the forefront of our activity.

We are convinced that online and offline business can benefit each other and can be strong together. Trends in the tyre business are moving increasingly towards provision of tyre-related services. We want to make it possible for our trade partners to be a part of this and exploit the opportunities with Delticom B2B Services. Along with our many years of international experience in the online tyre business, this comes together as a unique package which offers real added value.

On top of all this, there are the classic advantages of online purchase at Great flexibility and access to an extensive range of tyres for practically every type of vehicle, car accessories, spare parts, and TPMS-ready complete wheels and rims.

What's important to us is a spirit of collaboration, for the benefit of both sides. That's why we don't place any obligations on our trade partners when they work with us, and they keep their independence. We don't charge any registration or usage fees either, and there are no hidden costs.

Being a Delticom AG fitting partner ensures your success now and in the future.